Friday, June 1, 2018

What Is Awesome About Being Trans

What is awesome for me about being trans is my personal journey and path to discovering who I am most authentically, then having the courage and strength to be my most authentic self in the world, at all times. I feel that trans people lead the way in showing everyone and teaching by example how to have the courage to be one’s most authentic self in the world. This is not easy for any human being. Yet, it is harder for trans people to be their most authentic selves when there is the reality and fears of job loss, discrimination, violence, loss of housing, rejection from family, friends, community, and loved ones, etc. for choosing to live and be one’s authentic self; to embody one’s truth.

I am grateful to be on my authentic path as a transgender man. It hasn’t been easy. At moments, it’s been incredibly difficult; heartbreak, grief, loss, sadness, rejection, discrimination, anger, incredible challenges, fear, pain, suffering, etc. As well as feeling free, liberated, empowered, joyous, happy, relieved, proud of myself, grateful, courageous, strong, as well as experiencing inner peace and outer peace, and a calm mind. Feeling comfortable and confident in my skin and grateful for my life. It’s been quite a journey and continues to be; one step at a time.

I’m also very grateful for my unique lived perspectives. Experiencing the world and being treated as a girl, woman, visibly masculine queer person, androgynous, genderqueer, then seen as a visible boy and man. I know what it’s like to be treated with respect and kindness by strangers as a visible man. I know what it is like to be invisible and ignored while being seen as masculine and female as a visible queer person. I know what is is like to be treated as a woman and have experienced sexism and misogyny. It is a superpower to be living in this world with these multiple perspectives and lived experiences; as a girl, woman, boy, and then man.

I use the term boy to refer to the two years that I lived out as trans, yet before I was on “T” (testosterone). Overall, for me—after years of gender inquiry, when it was my time to have the clarity that I was a boy, I was ready. I had the tools and skills to emerge as a trans guy when I was 26 years old. It’s been quite a journey and continues to be. Every step of the way—I’m filled with gratitude that I had the strength and courage to embody my authenticity and live my truth. Despite the projections, external reactions, and fears I experienced and witnessed from some friends, family, community, and colleagues.

May all trans people have the courage and strength to become their most authentic selves. May each person be supported and celebrated as the beautiful human beings that they are!

Happy Pride Month!

—Ewan Duarte
June 1st, 2018