Wednesday, January 15, 2014

From ice to extreme heat--this change is alchemical.

Wow! It's a new year, a new month, and a full moon in Cancer today! A lot is shifting and changing. Here is a quote that my friend/mentor, Allison Bradley shared with me, "All calculations based on our experience elsewhere fail in New Mexico."

--Lew Wallace
first territorial governor of New Mexico and author of Ben Hur

Currently, this quote is very resonant to me. I've been looking for another job for several weeks. Craigslist has not been fruitful. Most of the job posts that I do hear from are spam or illegitimate offers to receive packages from a fake company or individual until the employer arrives to Albuquerque from a different country.

It seems like places that I've gone to in person are hiring at the end of February or in the Springtime.

I did have an interview to be a pizza delivery driver. The guy who interviewed me thought that I was 18 years old and said that there were over 20 applicants to interview. He also said that I wouldn't hear from him for 2-3 weeks.

Yesterday, the hardware store that was hiring said to call back in two weeks to inquire again.

Another Craiglist job that I saw was for someone who could do temporary Data Entry for a busy medical office. I brought my resume and references to the address on Lomas blvd. and it turns out that the busy medical office is a cannabis dispensary. They said they would call me the next day. I followed up, yet the job had been filled.

All of the urban tools and skills that I have are not working in the Southwest. Or aren't useful tools/skills in a sense.

It's as if I'm being pushed into a direction to envision creative solutions. This is my new mantra, "May I be open to solutions that I haven't imagined yet."

Clear direct intentions, lighting candles, being proactive, asking friends and folks in my community for input on places to apply and suggestions as well as following up with jobs hasn't landed me a new job yet.

What is one to do? To be patient? To keep being proactive? To continue to have hope?

Or am I simply standing in the middle of the high desert stripped of everything that I came here with. Naked in the wind and to the forces of the elements and powerful Spirits of the land?

I originally began this blog so that I could write about having hope or sustaining hope during these transitional times on Earth. I often wrote about my garden in Berkeley as a source of rejuvenation, healing, wisdom, hope, and light.

How does one sustain hope in the desert? How does one truly believe that their intentions, proactivity, and doing one's best is going to assist them in surviving?

Yes, the high desert does not have the urban stress of the Bay Area such as the fierce competition, traffic, long commutes, density of population, noise pollution, high cost of living, pollution, and other urban stressors.

Yet, in the desert just like anywhere else there is the stress of, "how will one survive?"

Accelerated initiations happen in the desert if one is attuned and open to them on one's spiritual path/journey.

Clarity arises in the desert.

The desert is beautiful and harsh. From snow on cacti to the scorching rays of the summer sun. That is alchemy, that is transformation, and transmutation. From ice to extreme heat.

I recently had my three month anniversary in the High Desert on Monday, Jan. 13th. I arrived to Santa Fe, New Mexico on October 13th in the last afternoon. The next day, I began work on the film shoot, Lightning In The Hand.

Here is a list of my accomplishments thus far during the past three months of living in Albuquerque, in the High Desert.

*I've worked on three film shoots.

*I created my own website through WordPress.

*I launched my own professional freelance still Photography and Video Production business.

*I've made new friends.

*I'm a part of a new community in Albuquerque.

*My film, Change Over Time continues to screen on the film festival circuit. Change Over Time is currently an official selection in 37 film festivals worldwide including 13 countries; The U.S. Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Israel, Thailand, Spain, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Slovenia, Hungary, and Brazil!

*I found an affordable and resonant home to live in solo.

*My business is officially licensed through the City of Albuquerque.

*I have my first clients this month for photo sessions.

*I hosted a lovely New Year's Eve collage gathering with 10 friends.

*I maintain two blogs. This one and a blog for Original Plumbing Magazine online.

*I created a newsletter via MailChip of my creative/artistic/educational accomplishments during 2013 and announced the launch of my business.

*I am taking care of myself and doing the best that I can.

Amidst extreme challenge and hardship, I still am hopeful. I will continue to do my best and to be aware of the lessons that I am meant to receive in the desert.

I also have an interview tomorrow afternoon at a temp agency.

Thanks for reading,